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Born as Andre’ “DRE E. Z.” Sydney to Leila and Andre’ Sydney Sr., Big Large hails from the vibrant city of Dorchester, Massachusetts, where he was raised alongside four siblings. Even as a young child, DRE's passion for hip-hop was palpable, whether he was impressing his grandmother with break-dancing moves or displaying his b-boy skills. The year 1993 marked a significant change for the Sydney family when they relocated to the South Florida area. It was in this new environment that DRE E. Z.'s unique style and lyrical flow began to take shape.

In 1998, DRE E. Z. made waves with his local hit "Saturday Night," captivating audiences with his distinctive sound. The year 2000 saw him join forces with E.O. I. as part of the duo "Easy Illusions," delivering a memorable performance of conscious hip-hop with "We Spit Knowledge." In 2001, the dynamic duo expanded into a popular trio known as "3Deep," leaving an indelible mark with their thought-provoking track "We Need a Change." Eventually, the group disbanded, leading DRE E.Z. and Danny B. to form the duo "Voo Doo" in 2003, treating listeners to street-infused hits like "Days Are Cold," "They Don't Know," and "Who Wan Come test."

DRE's journey continued to evolve in 2005 as he embarked on a solo career, releasing hits like "Burn Da Streets" and the Boston-favorite "Watch the World Move." Today, he goes by the moniker "Big Large" and collaborates closely with his friend and business partner, J. Rob. Together, they have unleashed mixtapes such as "Criminal Minded" and "Freestyle Finetics," while Big Large is actively working on his independent albums, "The Game Ain't EZ" and "Trap & RnB." His influences, including legends like William Raines, Jay-Z, Nas, and 2Pac, have shaped his distinctive style. With a storied career spanning various projects and performances at notable venues like the 2Hot2Radio LA Hip Hop Showcase and Daze Summit Tour, Big Large continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop. Stay tuned for his upcoming projects, including "Rockstar Status," "The Game Ain't EZ," and "Trap & RnB Volume 1."

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    Wiping Off The Rust
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    Roll Wit The Clip
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    Do My Dance
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    Free Love