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LQ hails from Vidalia, Georgia, and was born on October 13, 1996. Adopted at birth, LQ has a deep passion for both music and spirituality. As a singer, songwriter, and occasional actor, LQ's life has been akin to a captivating movie. However, it was their relocation to Miami that truly brought about significant changes—both positive and negative. Throughout the journey, LQ discovered the importance of embracing love and faith in God.

Raised in a devout household, LQ's upbringing revolved around strict religious practices. Their father, who taught LQ to play drums for church performances, and their mother, a driving force behind their singing pursuits, served as their guiding lights. Unfortunately, fate took a different turn, and LQ found herself alone after both parents passed away. Motivated by the revelation of their adoption, LQ embarked on a new chapter by moving to Miami in search of their biological family.

In 2021, LQ's singing career took flight when they collaborated with Classic on a track called "Fed Up" for his project titled 'The Honesty Effect' (T.H.E). The duo hosted a memorable album listening party in Miami, where LQ made their debut appearance as an artist named LQ and delivered an enchanting performance of their verse. Subsequently, Classic returned the favor by producing LQ's first solo track, "F.S.C," released later that year.

Since then, LQ has been relentlessly pursuing their career in music. In 2022, they made appearances on prominent platforms such as the Miami-based podcast 'Fresh & Fit' and the popular show 'Cheaters.' One of LQ's standout tracks, "Hockey," was released during a period of intense dedication to their craft and the pursuit of financial stability, as reflected in the lyrics. Alongside live performances on various stages throughout Florida, including open mic nights and competitions, LQ's confidence grew, enhancing their ability to deliver captivating performances. Amidst personal challenges and life-altering experiences, LQ penned the empowering anthem "UP NXT," emphasizing their unwavering belief that they are destined for success, always accompanied by God's presence. Collaborating with promoters in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, LQ also appeared on the esteemed podcast 'Out da Box' in 2022. Furthermore, they released the soulful track "Like Gold," which holds the promise of being featured on their upcoming project set to release in the near future.

No matter what lies ahead, LQ remains steadfast in their commitment to carry God on their journey. They aspire to embark on a world tour someday, sharing their talents and inspiring audiences worldwide. LQ, known as the Lady Queen, is destined for greatness.

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