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Queen Keysh

 Queen Keysh


Queen Keysh Biography

Queen Keysh is a Delaware born jack of all trades. Who birthed a brand that is best described as Queen. The Queen brand is based on the promotion of self-respect, self-confidence, self-love and humanitarianism. Queen wears many hats, so she represents every woman worldwide.

Queen Keysh has been modeling for over 7 years and has made productive friendships and business relationships. She has participated in many successful fashion shows, countless photo shoots, coached runway models, and has worked behind the scenes of fashion shows coordinating models. She has also managed and hosted events for the International Rainbow Tour and the International iLove Tour. These tours provided her the opportunity to touch the hearts of people in Amsterdam, Alicante, Sydney, Canberra, London, Paris, Manchester, and Berlin. Upon arriving back in the States in 2018, she was invited to be a part of God Dynasty Entertainment’s executive team. She was given the title of Executive Secretary and has since grown to use her talents in many areas of the business. She is the host of an artist showcase called "Soulful Expressions", she is a model, the model coach for Pretty Goons Clothing and Accessories, and she is also the Lead Photographer for GDE Films and Photography.

Queen Keysh is also an avid award-winning basketball player.  Keysha also loves to sing, dance, and enjoy time with family and close friends. Welcome everyone to the Wonderful World of Queen Keysh!



Tiffany Mitchell Biography
Tiffany Mitchell was born on October 26, 1985 in Somerville, New Jersey. Tiffany has faced many challenges in life such as losing her mother and father at a very young age. Growing up as a middle child Tiffany fought to find her place. Raised in a middle/ lower class neighborhood filled with crime and drugs she found positive outlets which helped keep her off the streets. Such as youth programs, dance groups, teaching or doing hair. Tiffany has always used writing as a positive way to express her thoughts and feelings. Tiffany graduated Plainfield high School in 2004. She also attended The River Bible Institute where she graduated with honors obtaining her bachelor’s degree in theology. She currently has a modeling contract with Pretty Goons formed under God Dynasty Entertainment where she holds titles as a Co-host, Host, Brand Ambassador and is part of the leadership team. She also does public speaking and is pursuing her real estate license to become a Licensed Agent. Tiffany Continues to use her faith to make it through the storms she has had to endure. Her writings are inspired by her faith and real-life events.


Monique Caston


Monique Caston Biography

 Monique “Mo” Caston is the oldest of 6 children and creativeness and music have always been in her D.N.A.  At an early age she learned how to play the accordion, violin, and clarinet, but learned that singing was also one of her talents and eventually because her favorite. Since the age of two, Monique has always been in a choir, singing in groups or putting mini concerts together with her siblings. Growing up, she watched her mom hustle and work multiple jobs while still making sure the kids made it to practices, girl scout meetings and camping trips. Monique would also sit and watch her grandmother sew and make quilts, and clothing, and try to mimic her in the kitchen while she baked her famous peach cobbler. Monique caught the acting bug in middle school as she performed in plays and sang in the school choir. Upon graduating high school, Monique found herself looking for ways to show her many creative talents, whether it was auditioning for American Idol at the Mile-High Stadium, or singing hooks for local Denver artists, or teaching herself how to play the piano and drums. Being an Air Force Military brat, Monique Moved around a lot, mainly back and forth from Colorado, to Florida. And in 2009, she moved to Tampa with her daughter to help her mom take care of her three cousins. There she started her own business customizing gift baskets and making yummy baked treats. A simple tutu started her sewing journey as her daughter needed a tutu and could not find one anywhere in her size. Being, the person she is Monique did a YouTube search and with her sewing skills she learned and made her first outfit. At the time, Monique was laid off from her job, and since resources were low, she used what she found around her home, such as curtains, sheets, anything that could be used as fabric to create her gems. Several tutus and gift baskets later, MoEts Goodies and Gifts was born. Currently Monique has built her business portfolio with custom clothing, upcycled items, gift baskets, and other creative gift ideas. Monique is also the secretary for Kosmik Komix, a new comic book company where she is assisting with rebuilding and uplifting communities with info-tainment. She found a love for Zumba, and started a fitness blog Curvy-Me Fitness, where she shares her journey towards becoming healthier. She has also become a plus size model/designer, and ambassador for the Khaliseum as a Pretty Goon.

" I would love to become a blessing to other females and young adults and help them find themselves. And it can all start with creativity. The sky the limit." -Mo




Zamara Lewinson Biography

Zamara Lewinson was born November 26, 2012 in Tampa, FL. She is the daughter of Teleshia Lewinson. She loves music, dancing, learning new things and taking photographs. Zamara is in kindergarten at Witter Elementary, her favorite color is purple, and she loves teddy bears. Zamara is a member of the dance ministry at Shekinah Glory Cathedral.  Zamara plans on being a doctor, a mermaid, and ice cream lady. 




Zoel Hill Biography

Zoel Hill was born in Tampa Florida in December of 1985.  At the age of four, her only sibling was born.  Her parents decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia for better job opportunities.  College Park, Georgia is where Zoel spent her elementary school years growing up.  By the time she reached middle school, her parents decided to move back to Tampa to help support family.  Before graduating from high school, Zoel took guitar lessons, attended classes at John Casablancas for modeling, started working for Dominos Pizza, as well as went to school for her Esthetician certification.   After graduating from Middleton High School in 2004, Zoel decided to go to Erwin Technical for Cosmetology where she received her Cosmetology License.  While attending school, Zoel started her first office job as a customer service rep.  Soon after, Zoel started a family and began to focus on raising her children and many of her previous activities were placed on hold.  As her children became more independent, she went back to Erwin for medical billing and coding as well as accounting specialist.  Zoel is now back on her grind in modeling, crocheting, and canvas painting.


Renea Ree Ree Thompson

Renea Ree Ree Thompson

Rebecca Renea’ Thompson Biography

Rebecca Renea’ Thompson known as Nae Nae, Nae, BeckyNae, Sunshine, or RedNaeNae was born January 26,1966 in Fort Hood, Tx. Rebecca was born with blurred vision and was the 3rd person to have exploratory eye surgery to correct muscle imbalance. Because of her rare blood (RH negative), surgeries were considered too dangerous for her to continue with proper surgeries, leaving one eye incorrect. However, she could see correctly, there was no longer anymore blurred or double vision; although It took years to learn to laugh at and about her disability thanks to her loving grandparents.

At age 4 Rebecca was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that could have shortened her life. Her parents were told she may or may not live to 23 years old. Rebecca has survived many surgeries in which her parents we told there was a 25/75% chance of survival. Rebecca has survived abuse that most would not recover from or live through, Rebecca has beat the odds that doctors, teachers, family and mental health professionals felt someone else may not have a positive outcome.

Rebecca’s birth was not planned by her father Royce A. Thompson Sr.  Rebecca’s father was a Drill Sergeant of the United States Army. Mr. Thompson came from a wealthy Bi-Racial Family that felt Rebecca was an embarrassment to him. Rebecca suffered extreme abuse from her dad as a young girl. Rebecca was raised as a military brat and afforded a life of travel around the entire world. She was a very different child as her mother, siblings, and grandparent’s state in their interview.

Rebecca kept a GPA of 4.0 while in High School attended classes 8 am until 11 am, she worked half a day 12 pm until 4 pm for the school Principal, worked for J.C. Pennies 5 pm until 9 pm. Monday through Thursday.  Thursday until Sunday she worked full time for M&M Mars Candy Factory 10 pm until 6 am. Rebecca attended Paul Quinn College from age 15 until 18 every summer for 6 weeks while living in the dorm. Rebecca was a strong willed young lady who would not accept “no” as well as not to accept any mention of defeat. Rebecca felt she had beat the odds and her 110-year-old great grandfather would not allow her to give up on any dream she had.  Rebecca started a survivor’s newsletter in 1997 for abused children survivors while in Sacrament California after the death of her great grandfather in honor of him. Rebecca opened her first Tax Office in 1997, as she also helped her husband run his company and build customers for Harold Carter DBA Color Time TV Rentals before she ended the mentally and emotionally abusive marriage. Rebecca has attended Paul Quinn College, Baylor University, Four C College, Sacramento State University, TSTC, MCC, Everest Online, and Ashford University holding 4 degrees. Rebecca’s degrees are Business Management/Accounting, Secondary Education Teacher, LV Nurse, and Clinical Psychology Human Behavior.

Rebecca is a domestic violence survivor counselor, child abuse counselor, cancer survivor advocate, marriage counselor, and ADHA child and adult counselor for The Family Abuse Shelter.  Rebecca is also the Host of the midday TV show on channel 10 KWTX where she educates others on life and healthy life styles to overcome the fears of survival from abuse, neglect, fear of starting over and healthy relationships among the signs of an abusive relationship from the beginning.

Rebecca has taught secondary school, been a nurse, a clinical counselor, as well as the owner of Sunshine Tax and Personal Business Management. Rebecca is a grant writer that believes in giving back to others in any way she can. Rebecca is a servant of God hoping for a better life for all of mankind. Rebecca had a gift as a baby of becoming withdrawn or uncomfortable around certain people, this was something her grandparents found to be a spiritual gift as well as caused them to rely on her to warn them of anything she felt was alarming of strangers, friends and even family members. Rebecca’s gift has been admired by many Christian Pastor’s and Clergymen.




Teleshia Lewinson Biography

Teleshia Lewinson also known as Telly was born April 25, 1991 to Bishop J.R. & First Lady Lewinson. She grew up in Palm Bay, FL while maintaining her proud Jamaican heritage. Teleshia’s parents taught her to have a strong work ethic, be proud of who she was and to always keep God first. Growing up, Teleshia was busy in the church being part of the youth choir, dance ministry, usher board, and media ministry.

During her high school career, Telly was a part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program while participating in the band, Spanish Honor Society and Key Club. After graduating in May 2009, Telly moved to Tampa, FL to continue her educational career at University of South Florida (USF). Telly graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing in May 2014. Most recently Telly has worked in the financial and mortgage industries.

In January 2015, Teleshia and her mother founded a non-profit organization called GIRLS Rock of Brevard County Inc. where they mentor young women in the Brevard County community. Teleshia’s motto for the organization is “I want the girls to succeed and go further than I did. I want them to learn from my mistakes and excel and show the world that women can achieve anything.”

 Teleshia is the proud mother of Zamara, a precocious little girl who has a love for all things fashion. Zamara’s love for fashion and being photographed is how Telly and Zamara became Pretty Goons models.

Teleshia’s favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11 (NJKV) “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”