Annual Pretty Goons Picnic

The 4th Annual Pretty Goons Picnic

Event Description

The 4th Annual #Pretty Goons Picnic is our annual outdoor event that brings all our Pretty Goons family members together in fun and unity. This year's event will feature food, refreshments, ice breakers, team building games, & our first rewards Ceremony. The rewards ceremony will recognize Pretty Goon of The Year, Miss Congeniality, Rookie of the Year, & Brand Loyalty Award, & Model of the Year. This is a fun filled event that you don't want to miss. 

Location: Private Location at Clearwater Beach (Contact Shorty Roc for location)

Date: June 19th

Time: 3pm

Lingerie After Party: Clearwater Beach Hotel at 9pm (18+ Adults ONLY)

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Pretty Goons Picnic