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Monthly Fundraising Clarified 

The Khaliseum's podcast is free for our cohost to join via Zoom, but of course it costs money to put it all together. So each month The Khaliseum's staff of Volunteers engages in various grass roots group fundraising activities and this is why...
Our Monthly Expenses:
In order to consistently produce a professional podcast there are monthly expenses for services including audio engineering, video editing, software updates, Zoom Pro account, web design, web hosting, domain hosting, podcast hosting services; video editing software updates, graphic design, promo flyers, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Text marketing, and various other forms of promotional marketing.
How do we raise funds?
  1. We accept Donations from our members and general public
  2. Each Team Coordinator is ask to come up with a unique fundraiser for their team
  3. We provide a marketing solutions to small business in need of affordable promotion
  4. Special Events such as Fashion Shows, Parties, & Artist and Poetry showcases
Why do we need your help?
While these many expenses tend to add up quickly our group fundraising activities allow us to come together as a team to cover these cost and therefore continue to allow men and women of color to use The Khaliseum's platform to express themselves freely without hindrances or bias.
CLICK THE GREEN BUTTON BELOW TO DONATE. Thank you for your support!