Hattiesburg, MS


July 3

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Hattiesburg, Ms

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United States

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Artasia Green

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lygacyart_ && flowerfrofotos

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Queen Keysh

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Model, Photographer, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Writer

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Networking, Dating, Promotion

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Hi! I’m ARTasia. A courageous expressive genius from the small town of Hattiesburg, MS. With a love of standing out, I always looked forward to creating something explosive that catches the eye of others. Evoking emotion is the goal in all I do! I’m a photographer, videographer, and a new fashion designer. I’m also taking wing to dance fitness. Outdoors and hiking meditate my mind every weekend. I’m a natural in all I do, eat, and bring to my soul mind and body. Observing others are my obsession because I love to learn. This life is beautiful and I soak up every moment loving it from atom to atmosphere!

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Jul 6, 2019