Atlanta, GA


December 28

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Ashley Mazion

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Shorty Roc

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Model, Singer, Rapper, Dancer, Actor

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Networking, Promotion, Movies, Seeking Collaborations, TV Shows, Seeking Work

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I work from home, mother of 3 children. I been doing background acting for about 4 years, looking into stepping into lead roles and work towards putting together my own life story on film. I love to dance and laugh. I love a good time. I love making others happy as well. I am very talented and possess a few skills under my belt such as singing , dancing, modeling, acting, writing raps, and the entertainment industry is just the right fit for my passions. I am full of life, very spiritual might i add, so i believe in manifesting to get everything you want in life. I have the face and personality for tv and i believe show business is what my life will be based upon.

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