Riverview, FL


March 19

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United States

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Shunti Mccray

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Shunti mccray

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Model, Actor, Business Owner

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Networking, Promotion, Movies

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I’m 35 have 5 beautiful kids one grandchild I’m outgoing friendly family oriented sense of humor my hobbies computer read write play acting roles for fun I’m in college for business management with concentration entrepreneur I want to play in commercials or model for magazines I do have Lupusbi want to encourage others even if you have medical issues you still can follow your dreams I had 7 surgeries still motivated still chasing dreams want to inspire others never give up I also have non profit organization dreams Leads to visions mission is to help others become financially stabled and providing them with resources to do so helping others in need we aid in helping other side food clothing household appliances paying bills

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