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January 2

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United states

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Shakira sharaiya Shuember

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Model, Vidographer, Photographer, TV Show Host, Director, Business Owner, Film Maker, Promoter, Event Coordinator

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Networking, Promotion, Movies, Seeking Friends, Seeking Collaborations, TV Shows, Seeking Work

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I was born and raised in London England, at the age of 3 I began to act and go to a performing arts school everyday until I was 16. I moved to miami Fl when I was 16. At 18 I began modeling at the age of 18 and working on set. Now I am an owner of a modelling agency @visualviewstalentent and I run my own events every Tuesday at the spot in wynwood To help models build their portfolio. I am enthusiastic, I love to work with other people and believe team work will always make the dream work. I hope I can be an asset to you just pretty goons is an asset to me. Thank you for this opportunity.

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