Lakeland, FL


June 25

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United States

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Walter J Alvarez

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Saba Mendez (model)

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Model, Actor, TV Show Host, Teacher

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Networking, Promotion, Movies

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My story began when I was just a little kid and I was suffering from bullying for being overweight... years after, I worked hard to lose the overweight I had and I began to feel comfortable and confident about myself! Many people have connected with me on instagram after presenting my 'success story' on Univision's morning TV show "Despierta America". Right after that, I got interviewed by my local television channel "Lkld TV" in the city of Lakeland, Florida! I also video taped a commercial for a weight-lose brand "Yes You Can" and I am now working in the acting world with upcoming tv series with FreeForm and National Geographic! Besides dedicating myself to modeling and hosting, which are my passions as well. I am blessed to have my followers in my daily life! Now, as an influencer I advertise products on my social media for name brands and I post about fashion too but always giving a positive message to everybody!

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Sep 19, 2019