20 Marriage Affirmations That Will Breathe Life Into Your Marriage Today

I am always looking for new ways to breathe life into my marriage, and this is why I want to share with you the power of love affirmations. I believe that being comfortable in any part of your life, including your marriage, is a dangerous place to be. Stay out of the danger zone and use positive affirmations in your marriage to rekindle the love.

Love Affirmations to Keep the Fire Burning

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Marriage Affirmations Keep Spouses from Taking Each Other for Granted

People who “fall out of love” don’t just stop loving each other overnight. It starts because they get comfortable and eventually, take one another for granted. I don’t ever want to look at my husband and wonder who he is or why we’re together. I want this love and the bond we have to last a lifetime. But, I know that it’s going to take unconditional love, prayer, and a powerful commitment to make it happen.


Learning Love Affirmations from “War Room”

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My husband and I recently watched the War Room, and I have to admit that I got checked; actually, we both did. This movie helped me realize that I didn’t have a prayer strategy in place for my marriage, specifically for my husband.

If you’re late to the game like we were, and you haven’t watched this movie, I highly recommend it! It’s a must-watch whether you’re married or not.


Positive Affirmations Rekindle the Love

I am big on reading, writing, and reciting affirmations. I have an affirmations app on my phone that sends me notifications of my favorite ones throughout the day. After watching the movie, I decided to get focused and create a prayer strategy for my husband and our marriage as well as some marriage affirmations. My hope is these affirmations help you as much as I know they’ll help me and my husband.


20 Marriage Affirmations to Elevate Your Relationship

  1. My marriage grows stronger and more loving every single day.
  2. My marriage is built on love, trust, and loyalty.
  3. My spouse is so supportive and helpful and encourages me to follow my dreams.
  4. {Insert name} and I are happier and more in love today than the day we were married.
  5. My spouse loves me unconditionally and their love helps me to be a better person.
  6. My wife/husband is a true blessing in my life and our marriage is a miracle.
  7. My marriage is prayerful, powerful, and passionate.
  8. My marriage is a joy and a gift from God.
  9. I am loyal, devoted, and compassionate every day to {insert name}.
  10. My spouse is one of my greatest blessings, and I will treat them with honor and respect.
  11. My spouse is capable of becoming the person God created them to be.
  12. We strive for greatness in our marriage and will not settle for anything less.
  13. I enjoy falling in love with the same person over and over again as if for the first time.
  14. I attracted the perfect mate who enjoys my presence and I accept him/her wholeheartedly.
  15. I am faithful to my spouse and my spouse is faithful to me.
  16. My marriage is built on a rock-solid foundation that will stand the test of time.
  17. I love my spouse with all of my heart, mind, body, and soul.
  18. I look forward to growing old with my spouse by my side.
  19. My marriage is free from hurt, anger, and lack.
  20. My marriage is full of abundance, love, and compassion.



Love affirmations are an often overlooked part of people’s marriages. We never truly say how much our partners mean to us; not enough, at least. Use these marriage affirmations and set aside some time with your spouse. Communicate with your spouse; talk to him about your concerns, worries, things you want to do, and things that make you happy. You will find that becoming more open with each other will only make your marriage stronger.

BMWK: What are some ways that you renew and reignite the bond you share with your spouse?



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