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Yooooooooo, what's good? This is Shorty Roc, senior journalist for The Khaliseum Radio & Podcast Network, bringing you the breakdown on the latest cinematic heat. I just caught "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga," and let me tell you, this flick is straight fire! Directed by the OG George Miller, this 2024 post-apocalyptic banger ain't just another chapter in the Mad Max story – it's a spin-off prequel that hits harder than a shot of henny.

You got Anya Taylor-Joy and Alyla Browne tag-teaming as the younger versions of the crazy Imperator Furiosa, a role originally nailed by Charlize Theron. These ladies bring the heat, no cap. They capture Furiosa's raw, uncut energy, and sprinkle in some youthful swagger that keeps things fresh and fly.

Then there’s my man Chris Hemsworth. Dude’s got jokes and action moves for days. He’s vibin' hard in this one, bringing a blend of comedy and muscle that makes the movie pop. His back-and-forth with Taylor-Joy is pure gold – their chemistry’s got that real talk, real laughs vibe that’ll have you crackin' up in the theater.

George Miller’s direction? Man, it’s like a sick beat drop that hits you right in the feels. He mixes insane action scenes with some straight-up hilarious moments, taking you on a wild ride from start to finish. The visuals are next level too – think desert wastelands and crazy tricked-out vehicles that look like they came straight outta a hip hop video shoot.

The script, co-written by Miller and Nico Lathouris, is tight. The dialogue’s got that punch, with lines that hit like bars in a freestyle battle. The balance between action and comedy is on point, making "Furiosa" a standout in the Mad Max series with its own unique vibe.

What's dope about "Furiosa" is how it keeps it real with the Mad Max roots while adding a fresh twist. It dives deep into Furiosa’s backstory, giving fans a new perspective while keeping things exciting for the newcomers. This ain't just another sequel – it’s a full-on adventure that stands tall on its own.

So, here’s the bottom line: "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" is a lit, high-octane, laugh-out-loud journey through the wasteland. With killer performances, sick visuals, and a dope mix of action and humor, this movie's a certified hit. Don’t sleep on it – go check it out and ride the wave!

Catch me, Shorty Roc, on Instagram at @ShortyRocNYC and stay tuned with all the latest at The Khaliseum Radio & Podcast Network. Visit our website at www.TheKhaliseum.com for more dope content. Peace!

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The Khaliseum: An All-in-One Platform Empowers Creators and Businesses

The Khaliseum is making waves in the entertainment industry, but its reach extends far beyond movie nights and catchy tunes. This innovative platform is transforming into a one-stop shop for creators and businesses of all sizes, offering a powerful suite of tools to jumpstart growth and connect with a dedicated audience.

Why The Khaliseum Matters for New Businesses and Established Names Alike

For entrepreneurs and business owners, The Khaliseum presents a unique opportunity:

  • Reach Targeted Audiences: Imagine seamlessly integrating your online store with a platform brimming with engaged users. Khaliseum's social features allow you to connect directly with potential customers who are already interested in entertainment and exploring new products.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Marketing can be a budget-buster for new businesses. The Khaliseum offers a cost-effective way to promote your brand alongside established names. Leverage the platform's social features to organically reach new audiences and build brand awareness.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The Khaliseum provides valuable insights into customer preferences and buying habits. This data empowers businesses to tailor their offerings and marketing strategies for maximum impact.

A Spotlight for Creatives: From Rappers to Podcasters

The Khaliseum isn't just for businesses; it's a haven for creative minds:

  • Bypass Gatekeepers: For aspiring Rappers, Singers, Actors, and Podcasters, the traditional path to success can be daunting. The Khaliseum cuts through the red tape, offering a platform to showcase your talent directly to a captivated audience. Build a fanbase, generate buzz, and take control of your creative journey.
  • Community Building: Connect with other creators, collaborate, and inspire each other. Khaliseum fosters a vibrant online community where creatives can network, share ideas, and learn from each other's experiences.
  • Monetization Opportunities: The Khaliseum offers various avenues for creators to monetize their talent. Reach new audiences, build a loyal following, and explore opportunities for direct fan support or even partnerships with established brands.

The Khaliseum Advantage for Filmmakers and Publicists

The platform doesn't stop at individual creators:

  • Film Distribution Revolution: For Film Companies, The Khaliseum offers an alternative distribution channel. Reach a global audience eager for fresh content, bypassing traditional limitations. Generate excitement and anticipation for your film's release.
  • Amplified Publicity: Publicists can leverage The Khaliseum's reach to amplify their clients' voices. Generate buzz, connect with industry influencers, and create a targeted promotional campaign within the platform's engaged community.

The Future of Entertainment is Here

The Khaliseum is more than just a platform; it's a thriving ecosystem that empowers creators, businesses, and audiences alike. With its innovative approach, The Khaliseum is poised to redefine the entertainment landscape, fostering a space where creativity meets opportunity.

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King Shorty Roc: Rappers Not Talking About Nothing, No Structure in HipHop & More! King Shorty Roc

Critiquing Today's Hip-Hop - No Substance, Lack of Structure & More! Join us for an insightful conversation with King Shorty Roc as he dissects the current state of hip-hop, shedding light on the absence of substance and structure in the genre. Get ready to explore his unique perspective on the music industry and the important issues surrounding it. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that dives deep into the world of hip-hop and its evolution. Don't miss this engaging interview!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t78JS_RbRTQ

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Get ready to immerse yourself in an evening of soulful melodies and laughter as 4 Brothers Entertainment & DJ Greg Gee proudly presents the enchanting Shena Samone, who will be performing live at the "RnB Comedy Ladies Run The Night" event. Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 7, as this unforgettable night unfolds at the Thirteen Oh Eight Event Luxury Suite in Tampa, Florida. With a $30 ticket that includes delectable food and refreshing drinks, you won't want to miss this opportunity to witness the artistry of a remarkable talent. Secure your spot now by purchasing your tickets on Eventbrite.

Event Details:
📅 Date: Thursday, September 7
🕒 Time: [Insert Event Time]
🏢 Venue: Thirteen Oh Eight Event Luxury Suite, 5557 South 78th Street, Tampa, FL 33619
🎟️ Tickets: $30 (Includes food and drink)
🎫 Ticket Link: [Eventbrite Link](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rnb-comedy-ladies-run-the-night-tickets-715081446857?aff=oddtdtcreator&fbclid=IwAR0_DZv7_CFR_TtKMUk-_v9kcPqa4T7cmHB7c7J3J6kPuLgYs_hN65hM11Y)

Discover Shena Samone:
Shena Samone, a soulful sensation and a shining star in the music industry, promises to make this night unforgettable with her captivating voice and charismatic stage presence. Her music transcends boundaries and touches the very depths of the soul, leaving her audiences mesmerized. Shena Samone's dedication to her craft is evident in every note she sings, making her a true gem in the world of R&B.

Connect with Shena Samone:
To stay updated on Shena Samone's music and upcoming events, visit her official website at [www.TheKhaliseum.com/ShenaSamone](www.TheKhaliseum.com/ShenaSamone). You can also follow her on Instagram [@ShenaSamone](https://www.instagram.com/ShenaSamone/) to get a glimpse into her musical journey and stay informed about her latest projects.

Prepare to be serenaded by the soulful sounds of Shena Samone and uplifted by the comedic talents of the evening's lineup at "RnB Comedy Ladies Run The Night." This extraordinary event is set to be an experience like no other, and with tickets priced at just $30, it's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed. Secure your spot today by purchasing your tickets on Eventbrite and get ready to be swept away by the magic of Shena Samone's voice. We'll see you there for a night of music, laughter, and unforgettable memories!



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Thonotosassa, FL – September 5th 2023

GDE Management is thrilled to announce its latest signing, Alexis Seas, a 21-year-old pop singer hailing from the picturesque town of Thonotosassa, Florida. With an impressive vocal range and a unique blend of talent, Alexis Seas is poised to make waves in the music industry, and GDE Management is proud to be a part of her journey.

Alexis Seas, known for her captivating voice and infectious melodies, has been making waves in the local music scene with her powerful performances and original songs. Her passion for music and her ability to connect with her audience through her music sets her apart as a rising star in the pop music genre.

As Alexis sets her sights on a national and international stage, GDE Management is excited to provide her with the guidance and support needed to reach her full potential. With a dedicated team of industry professionals, GDE Management is committed to helping Alexis Seas navigate the complex world of the music industry, including recording, promotion, and live performances.

"We are thrilled to welcome Alexis Seas to the GDE Management family," said Shorty Roc, CEO of GDE Management. "Alexis is an exceptionally talented artist with a bright future ahead of her, and we are excited to work together to help her achieve her dreams."

For media inquiries, interviews, or booking requests, please contact GDE Management at:

Email: GDE4Life@gmail.com
Phone: 813-704-0741
Website: www.GDEManagement.com

Follow Alexis Seas on social media to stay updated on her latest music releases and upcoming performances:

- Instagram: @thealexisseas

- Twitter: @alexisseas

- Facebook: @thealexisseas

- SnapChat: @alexisseasmusic



About GDE Management:
GDE Management is a leading talent management company dedicated to nurturing and promoting emerging artists. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to artistic excellence, GDE Management helps artists like Alexis Seas achieve their full potential in the entertainment industry.


For more information or media inquiries, please contact:

GDE Management
Email: GDE4Life@gmail.com
Phone: 813-704-0741
Website: www.GDEManagement.com

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Tampa Bay, Florida – June 19, 2023 – GDE Management, the esteemed talent management company founded by renowned entrepreneur King Shorty Roc, proudly announces the official signing of R&B sensation, model, and actor, "LQ," as the latest addition to their illustrious roster of artists.

With an impressive blend of artistic prowess and a captivating presence, LQ has taken the entertainment world by storm. Her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft have earned her a dedicated following and critical acclaim. Now, under the guidance and expertise of GDE Management, LQ is poised to soar to new heights in her career.

Known for her soulful voice, mesmerizing stage presence, and dynamic performances, LQ has captivated audiences across various mediums. Her smooth R&B melodies, coupled with her undeniable charisma, have consistently resonated with fans worldwide. Beyond her musical abilities, LQ's talents extend into the realms of modeling and acting, where she has proven her versatility and ability to excel in multiple disciplines.

GDE Management, helmed by the visionary entrepreneur King Shorty Roc, has a long-standing reputation for nurturing and propelling the careers of exceptional artists. With their meticulous approach and unwavering support, GDE Management has guided numerous artists towards unparalleled success. Now, as they embark on this exciting partnership with LQ, both parties are poised to achieve greatness together.

King Shorty Roc expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome LQ into the GDE Management family. Her talent is undeniable, and we believe that her unique blend of music, modeling, and acting will captivate audiences worldwide. With our combined efforts and strategic guidance, we are confident that LQ will reach new heights and establish herself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry."

LQ shared her excitement about joining GDE Management, saying, "I am honored and thrilled to be joining the GDE Management family. Their track record of success speaks for itself, and I'm grateful to have such a dedicated team supporting me in my artistic journey. Together, we will create music and art that will resonate with audiences and push boundaries."

As LQ begins this exciting chapter in her career, fans and industry insiders alike eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this exceptional artist under the wings of GDE Management.

For press inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact:
GDE Management
Email: gde4life@gmail.com
Website: www.gdemanagement.com
Phone: 813-704-0741


About GDE Management:
GDE Management is a prominent talent management company based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Founded by esteemed entrepreneur King Shorty Roc, GDE Management has a proven track record of guiding and nurturing the careers of exceptional artists across various disciplines. With a focus on strategic planning, artistic development, and unwavering support, GDE Management empowers artists to achieve their fullest potential and thrive in the entertainment industry.

About LQ:
LQ is a multi-talented artist renowned for her soulful R&B music, striking modeling career, and captivating acting performances. Her talent and dedication to her craft have garnered her a dedicated following and critical acclaim. With her magnetic presence and unique blend of artistic abilities, LQ is poised to make a lasting impact in the music industry and beyond.


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GDE Management Welcomes Multi-Talented R&B Sensation Syncere to its Growing Talent Roster

Tampa Bay, Florida - May 31, 2023 - GDE Management is thrilled to announce the official signing of Syncere, the highly talented R&B singer, model, and actor, to its distinguished talent management company. Syncere's extraordinary artistic prowess, combined with GDE Management's expertise and support, sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

Originally hailing from the vibrant city of New York, Syncere brings a unique blend of soulful melodies and captivating performances that have already gained him a dedicated following. Beyond his exceptional musical talents, Syncere has also served his country in the military and will soon be relocating to the sunny shores of San Diego, California. GDE Management is committed to ensuring Syncere's career flourishes every step of the way, irrespective of his relocation.

Led by the visionary entrepreneur and music industry maven, King Shorty Roc, GDE Management has rapidly established itself as a formidable force in talent management, nurturing the careers of exceptional artists across various genres. With a growing talent roster that includes renowned musicians, actors, and models, GDE Management has consistently demonstrated its commitment to guiding and elevating artists to new heights of success.

King Shorty Roc expressed his enthusiasm about Syncere joining the GDE Management family, stating, "Syncere's extraordinary talent and dedication are truly awe-inspiring. We are honored to have him on board and look forward to supporting him as he continues to amaze audiences worldwide. Syncere's distinct musical style and compelling performances align perfectly with our vision for GDE Management's roster."

Syncere's remarkable versatility as an artist has already garnered attention in the industry. His smooth vocal delivery, coupled with his charismatic stage presence, positions him as a rising star with immense potential. GDE Management will work closely with Syncere to develop strategic partnerships, curate captivating performances, and guide him through every aspect of his artistic journey.

As Syncere prepares to make his mark on the global music scene, GDE Management is poised to provide unwavering support, leveraging its extensive network and industry knowledge to propel his career to new heights.

About GDE Management:
GDE Management is a talent management company founded by King Shorty Roc, located in Tampa Bay, Florida. Known for its exceptional roster of artists and a commitment to guiding talents towards success, GDE Management offers comprehensive artist development, strategic partnerships, and expert career guidance.

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact:

GDE Management

Senior Management




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Tampa, Fl May 21st 2023 — GDE Management, the leading talent management company founded by serial entrepreneur King Shorty Roc, is thrilled to announce the official signing of soultry singer/songwriter Shena Samone to its dynamic roster of artists. With her powerful and mesmerizing vocals, Samone is poised to captivate the hearts of music lovers worldwide under the expert guidance and representation of GDE Management.

Hailing from a rich musical background, Shena Samone brings a unique blend of soul, R&B, and jazz influences to her music. Her velvety-smooth voice effortlessly navigates the depths of emotions, creating an intimate and captivating experience for listeners. With her heartfelt lyrics and melodic compositions, Samone has carved a distinctive niche for herself in the music industry, garnering accolades and a dedicated fan base along the way.

Under the wings of GDE Management, Shena Samone is set to soar to new heights, bringing her soul-stirring performances to audiences around the globe. As a leading talent management company, GDE Management is renowned for its expertise in nurturing emerging artists and maximizing their potential in the ever-evolving music landscape.

King Shorty Roc, the visionary behind GDE Management, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "Shena Samone is an extraordinary talent who possesses a rare ability to connect with listeners on a profound level. Her soulful voice and heartfelt songwriting have the power to touch hearts and inspire audiences. We are thrilled to welcome her to the GDE family and look forward to embarking on this incredible journey together."

GDE Management is dedicated to providing its artists with comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring their artistic visions are realized and their careers are propelled to new heights. With a team of industry experts and a passion for developing exceptional talent, GDE Management has become a formidable force in the music industry, paving the way for its artists' success.

Shena Samone's collaboration with GDE Management marks a significant milestone in her career, representing a new chapter of growth and opportunities. Music enthusiasts can expect to witness the emergence of a remarkable artist as Samone prepares to release her highly anticipated debut album, filled with soulful melodies and captivating storytelling.

Follow Shena Samone on her musical journey by visiting her official website https://www.thekhaliseum.com/members/ShenaSamone and connecting with her on social media platforms @ShenaSamone on Instagram & Facebook. For all inquiries, please contact GDE Management at (813)704-0741 or GDE4Life@gmail.com 

About GDE Management:
GDE Management is a leading talent management company founded by visionary entrepreneur King Shorty Roc. With a focus on nurturing exceptional talent, GDE Management provides comprehensive support and guidance to its artists, propelling their careers to new heights in the dynamic music industry. Committed to excellence, GDE Management represents a diverse roster of artists across various genres, fostering their creative visions and facilitating their success.

Press Contact:
Shorty Roc
Senior Mgr
GDE Management

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GDE Management Welcomes Rapper and Actor Killa K to its Artist Roster

Tampa, Fl May 17th 2023 – GDE Management, the renowned talent management company founded by industry mogul King Shorty Roc, is thrilled to announce the signing of Rapper and Actor Killa K as its newest artist. This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Killa K and GDE Management as they join forces to unleash the full potential of Killa K's extraordinary talent.

Killa K, known for his electrifying performances and dynamic presence, has captivated audiences around the United States with his unique blend of rap and acting prowess. With a string of successful releases and notable roles in indie film and television, Killa K has garnered a dedicated following and critical acclaim for his undeniable talent and versatility.

By partnering with GDE Management, Killa K aims to elevate his career to new heights, benefiting from the expertise and extensive network of the renowned management company. GDE Management, under the visionary leadership of King Shorty Roc, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to nurturing and developing artists, helping them achieve remarkable success in the entertainment industry.

Speaking about the new collaboration, King Shorty Roc expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We are thrilled to welcome Killa K to the GDE Management family. Killa K's exceptional talent, dedication, and drive align perfectly with our values and vision. We believe that together, we can create groundbreaking opportunities and empower Killa K to reach unprecedented heights."

With GDE Management's comprehensive range of services, including artist development, strategic planning, brand management, and industry connections, Killa K can focus on honing his craft and delivering exceptional performances to his fans. By leveraging GDE Management's resources and expertise, Killa K aims to expand his reach, connect with a broader audience, and solidify his position as a force to be reckoned with in the music and acting arenas.

Killa K's fans can expect an exciting future filled with new music releases, captivating performances, and thrilling acting projects. With GDE Management's support and guidance, Killa K is poised to become an unstoppable force in the entertainment industry.

For more information and updates on Killa K and GDE Management, please visit their respective websites and follow their social media channels.

About GDE Management:
GDE Management is a leading talent management company founded by industry mogul King Shorty Roc. With a strong commitment to artist development and strategic guidance, GDE Management has been instrumental in shaping the careers of numerous successful artists across various entertainment sectors.

Media Contact:
King Shorty Roc
Senior Manager
GDE Managment

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5 Reasons Why Independent Podcasters Should Add Their Podcast to The Khaliseum

As an independent podcaster, you're always looking for ways to expand your audience reach and connect with new listeners. One way to do this is by adding your podcast to The Khaliseum, a movie streaming social network that allows you to keep the rights to your content while connecting with a growing community of users. Here are five reasons why you should consider adding your podcast to The Khaliseum:

  1. Expand Your Audience Reach

By adding your podcast to The Khaliseum, you can expand your audience reach beyond your current listeners. The app has a growing user base of 800 members who are interested in movies and streaming content. By connecting with these users, you can attract new listeners who may not have discovered your podcast otherwise. The Khaliseum allows you to reach a wider audience, which can increase your podcast's visibility and drive more listeners to your show.

  1. Retain Control and Ownership of Your Content

As an independent podcaster, you likely value your control and ownership of your content. The Khaliseum allows you to keep the rights to your podcast, so you can maintain control over how your content is presented and distributed. You don't have to worry about giving up any rights to your intellectual property. The Khaliseum is a platform that respects creators' rights to their content, which is why it is a great option for independent podcasters.

  1. Connect with a Community of Movie Lovers

The Khaliseum is a movie streaming social network, which means that its users are passionate about movies and streaming content. By adding your podcast to the app, you can connect with a community of movie lovers who may be interested in your content. You can engage with them, share your thoughts and ideas, and get feedback on your podcast. The Khaliseum allows you to build a community of like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions.

  1. Drive Your Own Podcast Viewership

The Khaliseum can help you drive your own podcast viewership by providing a new platform for your content. The app allows you to reach a wider audience, which can increase your podcast's visibility and drive more listeners to your show. You can also use the app to promote your podcast and engage with your listeners. The Khaliseum is a platform that supports creators and helps them build their audience.

  1. Join a Growing Platform

The Khaliseum is a growing platform with a lot of potential for future growth. By adding your podcast to the app, you can be part of this growing community and benefit from its continued expansion. As more users join the app and discover your podcast, you can build a loyal following and grow your podcast even further. The Khaliseum is a platform that supports creators and helps them succeed.

In conclusion, adding your podcast to The Khaliseum can help you expand your audience reach, retain control and ownership of your content, connect with a community of movie lovers, drive your own podcast viewership, and join a growing platform. If you're an independent podcaster looking to grow your audience and connect with new listeners, The Khaliseum is definitely worth considering.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE KHALISEUM PODCAST NETWORK: https://www.thekhaliseum.com/news/khaliseum-podcast-network


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Every Successful Artist Needs a Manager

The music industry is a vast and complex landscape, with countless moving parts and variables that can make it challenging for artists to navigate. One critical aspect of an artist's career is having a manager. Here are five reasons why music artists need a manager:

  1. Business management: An artist manager can handle the business aspects of an artist's career, including finances, contracts, and negotiations. A manager can help the artist secure favorable deals, protect their interests, and maximize their revenue.

  2. Industry connections: An experienced manager can leverage their network of industry contacts to help the artist secure gigs, collaborations, and other opportunities that can advance their career. A manager's relationships can also provide access to resources that may be difficult to obtain otherwise.

  3. Time management: Managing an artist's career is a full-time job, and it can be challenging for artists to balance their creative work with the demands of running a business. A manager can take care of the day-to-day tasks, freeing up the artist to focus on their music.

  4. Strategic planning: A manager can help an artist develop a long-term career strategy, including setting goals, identifying opportunities, and building a brand. By taking a strategic approach, an artist can build a sustainable career that will stand the test of time.

  5. Emotional support: The music industry can be a tough and stressful environment, with many ups and downs. A good manager can provide emotional support and guidance to help the artist navigate the challenges and stay focused on their goals.

Here are some examples of famous rappers with managers:

  1. Jay-Z: Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter has had a long-standing partnership with his manager, Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith. Smith has been instrumental in shaping Jay-Z's career, negotiating lucrative deals and partnerships, and helping him build his business empire.

  2. Kendrick Lamar: Lamar has worked with Dave Free and Terrence "Punch" Henderson, the founders of the record label Top Dawg Entertainment. Free and Henderson have helped Lamar build his brand and navigate the music industry, resulting in multiple Grammy Awards and critical acclaim.

  3. Cardi B: Cardi B's manager is Klenord "Shaft" Raphael, who has been with her since the early days of her career. Raphael has helped Cardi B secure high-profile collaborations and endorsement deals, and has been a key figure in her rise to fame.

  4. Drake: Drake is managed by Oliver El-Khatib, who is also a co-founder of Drake's record label, OVO Sound. El-Khatib has helped Drake develop his sound and image, and has been instrumental in his success as a recording artist and performer.

  5. J. Cole: J. Cole is managed by Ibrahim "IB" Hamad, who is also the co-founder of J. Cole's Dreamville record label. Hamad has played a key role in developing J. Cole's career, from his early mixtapes to his critically acclaimed albums and world tours.

In conclusion, a manager can be a vital partner for a music artist, providing business management, industry connections, time management, strategic planning, and emotional support. The examples of famous rappers with managers demonstrate the importance of this role in building successful music careers.

If you are in need of management please visit www.GDEManagement.com for more info

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LGTBQ characters of color on television are steadily increasing, especially on television, where 47 percent of all regular characters on broadcast scripted TV series are people of color, a three percent increase and a record high, according to a new report released by GLAAD. In addition, and for the second year in a row, the report titled “GLAAD we’re on TV” confirmed that LGBTQ characters of color are outnumbering their White counterparts, representing 52 percent compared to 48 percent. GLAAD had challenged all platforms–broadcast, cable, and streaming–to make at least half of LGBTQ characters on each platform be people of color, within the next two years.  

“Last year, GLAAD called on the television industry to increase the number of LGBTQ characters and more accurately reflect the world we live in, and they responded by exceeding this challenge,” Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD told Deadline in an article published today (November 8). “At a time when the cultural climate is growing increasingly divisive, increased representation of LGBTQ stories and characters on television is especially critical to advance LGBTQ acceptance. Shows like ‘Pose,’ ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ ‘Batwoman’ and ‘Billions’ demonstrate that not only are LGBTQ stories and characters on TV becoming more diverse, but that viewers everywhere continue to respond with extreme positivity.”

The report emphasized the importance of TV watchers having access to diversity by noting that The Public Religion Research Institute found that less than 25 percent of Americans have a close friend or family member who is transgender, which means that much of what’s learned comes from what they see in media and on their screens. “This is why the historic casting of Brian Michael Smith as Paul Strickland–primetime scripted broadcast TV’s first Black, transgender man series regular character–on FOX’s mid-season drama ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ is so important,” said the study.

Additional key findings from the report:

  • When it comes to racial diversity, of the 120 regular characters on broadcast, 52 percent are people of color, a two-percentage point increase from last year with six more characters. This marks the second year in a row where LGBTQ people of color have outnumbered White LGBTQ people on broadcast, making broadcast the only platform to meet the goal of having at least half of LGBTQ characters be characters of color.

  • Another record-high percentage was with Latinx characters, up one percent to nine. Black series characters held steady at 22 percent, while Asian Pacific Islanders represented eight percent across broadcast television regular characters. 

  • On the cable and streaming side, diversity is moving a bit slower: Cable has 48 percent who represent characters of color–up two percentage points from last year–whereas streaming has shown 41 percent people of color, a seven percentage point drop from last year. 

Source: https://www.colorlines.com/

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Foster care and adoption agencies will soon be able to legally refuse their services to families in the LGBTQ+ community if a new rule put forth by the Trump administration goes into effect. 

On Friday (November 1), the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHSproposed a rule that would reverse a 2016 discrimination regulation that included sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes. Per the HHS:

The proposed rule represents the Trump administration’s strong commitment to the rule of law—the Constitution, federal statutes and Supreme Court decisions. These require that the federal government not infringe on religious freedom in its operation of HHS grant programs and address the impact of regulatory actions on small entities.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere told The Hill in an interview: “The administration is rolling back an Obama-era rule that was proposed in the 12 o’clock hour of the last administration that jeopardizes the ability of faith-based providers to continue serving their communities. The federal government should not be in the business of forcing child welfare providers to choose between helping children and their faith.”

The majority of the more than 400,000 children in the foster care system are people of color, according to a 2017 report, with 23 percent of them identified as Black, 21 percent as Latinx and 9 percent listed as “other races/multiracial.”

Reports The New York Times:

The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law estimated in a report that 114,000 same-sex couples in 2016 were raising children in the United States. Same-sex couples with children were far more likely than different-sex couples with children to have an adopted child, 21.4 percent versus 3 percent, the report found.

Alphonso David, president of Human Rights Campaign, called the proposal “horrific” in a statement and also said it would “permit discrimination across the entire spectrum of HHS programs receiving federal funding. The Trump-Pence White House is relying on the same flawed legal reasoning they’ve used in the past to justify discrimination against LGBTQ people and other communities.”

The rule is expected to be published in the Federal Register on Monday (November 4), after which there will be a 30-day comment period and an effective date for the rule unless a legal challenge halts implementation.


Source: https://www.colorlines.com/

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Actor and comedian Mo’Nique filed a lawsuit against Netflix over race and gender discrimination in a Los Angeles court on Thursday (November 14), The Hollywood Reporter reported. “Netflix courted Mo’Nique, saw what she had to offer and made her an offer. But the offer Netflix made Mo’Nique wreaked of discrimination; it perpetuated the pay gap suffered by Black women,” notes the suit. 

The performer is suing the streaming company for racial and gender discrimination over the $500,000 offer she received to do a stand-up special. In the suit, Mo’Nique compares her offer to what other comedians were reportedly paid: Jerry Seinfeld ($100 million), Eddie Murphy ($70 million), Dave Chappelle ($60 million), Chris Rock ($40 million), Ellen DeGeneres ($20 million), Jeff Dunham ($16.5 million) and Ricky Gervais ($40 million). The 38-page suit also includes headshots of seven Netflix executives, all White, as visual support for the company’s “complete lack of racial diversity.”

“In short, as this lawsuit shows, Netflix’s treatment of Mo’Nique began with a discriminatory low-ball offer and ended with a blacklisting act of retaliation,” states the complaint. Netflix told THR that its offer to Mo’Nique was fair and that it will fight the lawsuit.


Source: https://www.colorlines.com/

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Stand-up comedian Margaret Cho isn’t one to back down from a controversial topic, and her appearance on the latest episode of Daily Beast’s podcast The Last Laugh, which aired Tuesday (November 19), is right on brand. She talks about the new opportunities available to Asian-American comedians, Dave Chappelle’s criticism of the bisexual community, Shane Gillis’ firing from SNL for racist comments and the backlash she received for exaggerating a North Korean character at the 2015 Golden Globes. 

Cho broke boundaries in 1994 when she starred in the ABC sitcom “All-American Girl,” the first and only sitcom to center an Asian American family until “Fresh off the Boat” debuted 20 years later. But she never had the opportunity to write or produce that her White male counterparts enjoyed. “They never opened that door for me, I would have had to force it open and I just didn’t know. I didn’t know of any other Asian-American comedians who I could ask,” said Cho. “I just didn’t have the knowledge or capacity to know I should demand that.” But now that doors are opening, Cho said she’s hopeful. “I would love to see more and I have seen some more, but I think there’s still some way to go in terms of diversity.”


Source: https://www.colorlines.com/

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It has been 30 years since the United States signed the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child, a human rights treaty meant to protect children around the globe. In honor of this anniversary, a U.N. human rights expert was in Geneva on Monday (November 18) to discuss a new study on the current treatment of children around the world, NPR reports. In it, the author writes that the United States is guilty of “inhuman treatment for both the parents and the children.”

Manfred Nowak, a human rights lawyer based in Vienna, Austria, wrote “Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty,” which says the Trump administration’s family separation policy is “absolutely prohibited” by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The study was commissioned in October 2016.

“And there are still quite a number of children that are separated from their parents—and neither the children know where the parents are, nor the parents know where the children are. So that is something that definitely should not happen again,” Nowak said during his remarks, per NPR.

The study “estimates that the U.S. is still holding more than 100,000 children in migration-related detention,” NPR reports. Nowak added in his speech, “That’s far more than all the other countries where we have reliable figures.” In fact, he said the U.S. incarcerates more children than anywhere else in the world:

“In general, the incarceration rate in the United States is very high also of adults, and that you see also with children. So it’s about 60 out of 100,000” children, Nowak said. “And that is the highest that we could find, followed by others like Bolivia, or Botswana, or Sri Lanka….”In general,” Nowak said, “the North American region is the one with the by far highest regional imprisonment rate of children.”

As NPR reports, the U.S. signed but never ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which means the convention’s rules “do not formally apply to the United States of America.” However, Nowak still believes the country should be held accountable for its atrocities thanks to other civil rights treaties.

“In my opinion, the way, how they were separating infants from the families only in order to deter irregular migration from Central America to the United States of America, for me, constitutes inhuman and degrading treatment, and that is absolutely prohibited” by those other international treaties, he said.

“I am deeply convinced that these are violations of international law,” Nowak said. He added, “The same is also true for the high number of children being deprived of liberty in the administration of justice” in the U.S.

Nowak emphasized the importance of valuing children in his talk. “Children should live, or grow up, in families—their own families, foster families, family-type settings,” he said, “and not in institutions where they’re in fact deprived of liberty, where there’s strict discipline, there’s a lot of violence. There’s no love.”


Source: https://www.colorlines.com/

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