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When it comes to dealing with conflict in marriage, the question is not if you will have conflict but when you will have conflict. After the “I do,” conflict is a necessary part of even healthy marriages because no two people will ever agree on everything. However, many couples begin to “undo” the “I do” because they misinterpret Proverbs 20:3 and make the colossal mistake of avoiding conflict at all cost. For many, it ends up costing them their marriage because they lack conflict resolution skills that won’t undo the “I do.”

Proverbs 20:3 “Avoiding a fight is a mark of honor; only fools insist on quarreling.”

This scripture does not mean that you should avoid conflict in your marriage. In fact, conflict is necessary for both partners to have balance and each gets their needs met. What it does warn against is fighting, quarreling and destroying one another with strife.

So, let’s talk about avoiding conflict with an example. I want your input on this far too common marital scenario:

A couple has been married for seven years with two children (ages 2 and 5). The first three years of their marriage were the best. They were able to purchase a new home, secure or maintain employment, go on frequent dates, have fun, and keep things spicy and sexy at home.

However, year three presented some problems after their first child was born because the wife’s role in the marriage changed dramatically. Before kids, she would cook 4 nights a week. She would clean, work a full-time job and pursue her hobbies in her free time.

After having kids, however, she found herself having little to no time to pursue her hobbies. Meanwhile, her husband somehow managed to keep his. He would occasionally “help” with the children but most of the responsibility somehow fell on her. Now, she cooks, cleans, parents, works full-time and maintains her side hustle, gives the kids their baths, helps with homework, prepares their lunch, drops kids off at school/daycare, takes them to the doctor, and the list goes on and on.

It’s year 7 now, and the wife feels as if she has completely lost herself. She loves her children dearly but misses her “me time,” fun times with her friends, and feeling sexy again as a wife. They have not taken a couples only vacation since the kids were born, infrequently date, and center too much of their conversation around household business. She is extremely unhappy, bored, and overwhelmed with her day-to-day life but loves being a wife and mother.


However, she is conflicted about what to do.

Option A: Should she bring up her unhappiness to her husband so that she can get a break? If she does, it may work! Can you imagine going shopping without kids? However, what if her husband resists and it leads to a conflict? She tried saying something earlier and her husband shut her down quickly because his mother raised four kids alone after his father left and “never complained.”


Option B: Should she suck it up, embrace giving up personal needs as a necessary evil of marriage and motherhood, and avoid conflict with her husband?

What would you do?

I am sure this will create spirited debate but if you are asking a professional psychologist for twenty years, I would advise the wife to pick Option A…even though it will lead to conflict. Why?

Quite simply, “Option B” is unsustainable. Both parties in a marriage need “me time” or oxygen to survive. Psalm 25:5 refers to “my cup runneth over” which can be applied to marriage. If the mom is the cup, and her cup is empty, how can she realistically be expected to pour into her husband, children, and work without neglecting herself?

Right. She can’t.

She will eventually become overwhelmed, irritable, depressed and unhappy in the marriage. She has neglected her needs for so long that it has become a way of life; one that robs her of joy and makes her long for the good times when she used to be able to have fun.

The wives who wait to speak up tend to have a high divorce rate once the kids leave for college. Other wives lose their health, put on weight (or lose too much), and let themselves go. This is a problem because the husband often complains about her appearance or even pursues outside attention because his wife is “too busy” for him. Another set of women, eventually snap and blindside their husbands with “the talk” where they reveal how unhappy they have been for years and want separation or divorce.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018: Fix Your Marriage in 2018 with this FREE ONLINE TRAINING

What should she have done? I’m glad you asked. My twenty years experience counseling couples through conflict resolution has taught me she should:

  1. Talk about marital and parenting expectations up front.
  2. Engage in weekly to monthly meetings to assess the “State of the Marriage” so that a bad pattern of marriage does not become a lifestyle.
  3. Initiate conflict in a loving way to discuss necessary changes that will allow both husband and wife to have a fulfilling life.

Sounds good right? The thing is that a lot of professionals will often tell you what to do but neglect training you HOW to do it.

  • What exactly do you say?
  • What if he won’t listen?
  • What if you have mom guilt about having fun away from the kids?

I get it! That’s why I want to show you HOW TO RESOLVE CONFLICT IN YOUR MARRIAGE. You see, on the flip side, arguing too much can literally kill your marriage too. I want to help prevent that from happening for you.

There are many solutions for successfully resolving marital conflict. I cover this in a FREE online training I am doing April 3rd at 9 pm on resolving conflict, specifically geared towards Christian marriages. I can record it for you too if you absolutely cannot make this date.

Here’s what happens next…check out this page to register and reserve your seat right now. We did this workshop a few months ago and the training was filled to capacity. So, register now.  You don’t have to spend another night going to bed angry.

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Here are two scriptures to prepare your mindset that deal with discussing faults, making adjustments, and setting conflict in marriage.

Ephesians 4:2 – Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.

Isaiah 1:18 – “Come now, let’s settle this,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool.

BMWK, What do you think? Agree with the Doc or disagree? What would you do? Go ahead, you be the marriage expert and chime in.

By Dr. Alduan Tarrt: Dr. Alduan Tartt is a clinical psychologist with a focus on faith, mental health and relationships of all sorts (single, dating, marriage, family, sports, etc.). Dr. Tartt has a private practice and also speaks frequently at conferences, churches, organizations on improving relationships, families and mental health. Dr. Tartt also hosts radio and television shows and is a frequent guest on major media outlets. Dr. Tartt also counsels other healers and helpers (pastors, ministers, doctors, entertainers) who need to be encouraged, supported and filled up.



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According to Yahoo! Sports, the first of what organizations intend to be an annual event will feature the North Carolina A&T Aggiesand Southern Jaguars at the Chicago White Sox Guaranteed Rate Field. It will join The Andre Dawson Classic as ways to promote HBCU schools, which are slowly watching their baseball programs fold.

Erwin Prentiss Hill, CEO of Black College Sports Group 360 (BCSG), told HBCU Sports he wants the event to “promote education opportunities to urban youth” who may not know of the schools or how to navigate the college admissions process.

 From HBCU Sports:

“Greatness comes from historically black colleges and universities. The bottom line is to get more urban youth back to our HBCU’s, so that talented young men and women can add to the legacy of our outstanding predominantly black universities.”


The Shadow League @ShadowLeague

With the decline in HBCU baseball, it's great to see that we'll have the inaugural HBCU World Series.; background-size: cover;">

NC A&T, Southern University Will Face Off In Inaugural HBCU World Series

The first pitch will be thrown at 1 p.m., Saturday, May 24.
See The Shadow League's other Tweets



Baseball’s decline in lower-income communities

The cost of playing sports can add up quickly for families. It’s especially difficult to have to pay for a glove, cleats, bats and even uniform costs, now that there are fewer programs supported through park or school programs.

Participating on a travel team is even costlier and can require more shuttling around from parents, who might already be working multiple jobs to get by. Little League is so high-stakes it’s must-see TV in August.

Billy Witz covered the lack of African-American players on HBCU rosters Monday for the New York Times and noted the decline of baseball through the eyes of Bethune-Cookman athletic director Lynn Thompson. Thompson said places where he played sandlot ball in the 1960s were paved over for basketball courts and parking lots.

Recently, however, the percentage of black players on Major League Baseball‘s opening-day rosters in 2018 was the highest in six years at 8.4 percent. Between 2012 and 2017, 20 percent of first-round draft picks were African-American. Those numbers are in part due to MLB’s focus on its Urban Youth Academies that started in Compton, California, in 2006 and its Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program, launched in 1989.

“It’s been a huge investment for us,” Renee Tirado, MLB’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, said last spring. “Obviously growing the game amongst our players is a priority, so that uptick has definitely been from a concerted effort.”

Perhaps a focus on HBCU baseball will bring those numbers even higher in the coming years.



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*Although he’s an NFL quarterback, Jameis Winston still has a tendency to act like an immature idiot at the wrong time. One of those wrong times netted him a sexual battery lawsuit lawsuit from an Uber driver.

Well, it looks like Winston has “reached an agreement” to settle the  lawsuit, which was filed in Arizona, according to court docs filed in U.S. District Court.

As previously reported, the Uber driver claimed she picked up a drunk Winston from the Scottsdale bar scene in 2016 … and during the ride, he reached over and grabbed her vagina over her yoga pants.

Two years later, the woman — who goes by “Kate P.” in legal docs — filed suit against the Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback.


In new docs filed in federal court in Arizona on Nov. 26, the woman’s lawyer says “Plaintiff has reached an agreement with Defendant to resolve her claims.”

“The parties are in the process of finalizing a settlement agreement but need approximately 10 days to complete this process.”

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed in the court docs, reports TMZ.  The site says it reached out to Winston’s camp for comment, so far no word back.

For his part, Jameis has previously publicly apologized to the Uber driver and claims he has “eliminated alcohol from my life.”

The news of the settlement was first reported by the Tampa Bay Times.

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*The man responsible for a racist Facebook post suggesting FSU coach Willie Taggart should be lynched has been fired from his job at Hilton Grand Vacations, the company said in a statement Monday.

Social Media user Tom Shand allegedly wrote the offending comments posted using a Facebook account featuring his name.

Florida State president John Thrasher condemned the post on Sunday, calling it “ignorant and despicable,” and said the FSU attorney is investigating.

“Our concern regarding this situation has been a top priority. The person responsible for posting this information has been terminated,” Hilton Grand Vacations spokeswoman Lauren George said via email Monday. “His behavior was in violation of multiple company policies and the furthest example from being a reflection of our company’s values.”

OTHER NEWS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED: Alabama Police Suggest Army Vet in Mall Shooting Shouldn’t Have Held His Gun

State attorney Jack Campbell also confirmed his office received word of the post and is looking into the matter.

“The nature of anybody being lynched in the Second Judicial Circuit is of grave concern to this office,” Campbell said in an interview with the Sentinel. “Any time a threat or lynching or any other things like that are made against one in our community, we’re going to look into it and if there’s a crime there, we’re going to prosecute it.”

As reported by, the racist post was made in a Florida State fan group on Facebook on Saturday, shortly after the Seminoles lost to rival Florida 41-14 to finish a 5-7 season. The meme showed Taggart’s head edited onto an image of a man being lynched with the words “Believe in Something Even If It Means Sacrificing Your Rep,” referring to the Nike ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.

Taggart, the first black football head coach in Florida State history, was hired last December from Oregon.

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*Social media users are in an uproar over photos of celebrity dads Dwyane Wade and David Beckham kissing their daughters on the lips.

“Is it wrong to kiss your children on the lips?” An Us Weekly writer asked after reading the angry comments under photos of the two superstar athletes showing affection for their daughters.

In one photo, the soccer champ is seen pecking his 7-year-old daughter Harper on the lips.

Many angry folks responded by saying “This is not appropriate” and “not on the lips!”

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Piers Morgan even slammed Beckham as “creepy” and “weird” for how he showed affection to his youngest child.

“It’s just weird right? Who does that with their kids? Who kisses their kids on the lips,” he said on “Good Morning Britain.”

Co-host Susanna Reid suggested celebrities not post pictures such as this online if they don’t want “the scrutiny”.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Piers’ opinion.

One wrote: “@GMB I agree with Piers 99.9% on all his crusades but have to disagree on this occasion. My 7 year old daughter regularly kisses me on the lips and that’s her way of showing her love and affection for her parents I don’t see anything wrong with this.”

Another commented: “#GMB Pierce Morgan I think u must have had an aunty that puckered up to u as a kid. David B is just sharing a tender moment with his little girl. Plus, she may have had a important life event. Which deserved a big kiss. When there young…a kiss is just a kiss.”

A third shared: “@piersmorgan if you think what Harper and David is weird I worry at the state of your mind . Was you damaged as a child or was you ignored ?? #gmb@susannareid100

Meanwhile, similar criticism was going down on Gabrielle Union’s Instagram page where she posted a photo of her husband, Dwyane, kissing his daughter, Kaavia James.

One IG user wrote: “Don’t be kissing the baby in the mouth germs too soon for that @gabunion @dwyanewade”. Another user wrote, “adult germs whether it be parents or not can be more dangerous for newborns immune system to fight off.”

As noted by, another reminded the power couple of a news report about an infant who contracted viral meningitis and after being kissed by an infected family member.

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*There’s not enough room to print what this writer has to say about this fight so why don’t I begin by talking about how this fight compares to one of the greatest fights in boxing history.

You see, way back a little over 100 years ago on April 5, 1915 in Havana, Cuba in front of a crowd of nearly 40,000 roaring fight fans world heavyweight champion Jack Johnson came into the ring to defend his title for the ninth time against a big 6ft. 6in. 238 pound guy named Jess Willard who was considered to be the “White Hope” that could be finally the one that could dethrone the very first African American heavyweight champion.

And in what turned out to be a grueling match that was scheduled to go 45 rounds it all ended 1:26 in the 26th when Johnson was laying on his back from getting knocked out by Willard.

Jack Johnson held the title for a total of seven years before it all came down to that devastating knockout in Havana and what makes this so much of a significant match tonight with similarities is the fact that Deontay Wilder is a the current WBC world heavyweight champion who ready to put it all on the line tonight as he goes against the latest “White Hope” contender who is eager to take it all away from him.

These two guys are really big and tall heavyweights with Wilder being 6′ 6″ 212lbs and Fury coming in at 6′ 9″ 256lbs as of the weigh-in on yesterday. And this is what makes this  comparable to Johnson vs Willard as these two are set to go against each other tonight at the Staples Center in an event that will be telecast live on Showtime pay per view as the whole world will be watching to see if history will repeat itself as it happened back on April 5, 1915. As I always say we’ll see what happens.

(l-r veteran broadcaster Jim Grey, Lennox Lewis, Evander Holifield, Riddick Bowe, Gerry  Cooney, Michael Spinks, and Earnie Shavers. Not pictured is James Buster Douglas )

Folks I got to tell you something, my hat goes off to Steve Espinosa the head of Showtime Sports and Chris Deblasio for inviting come of boxing’s former heavyweight champs and legends to participate in a round table discussion yesterday at the media center. It nearly brought tears to my eyes to see these guys all come together and still be alive to talk about their careers and give their thoughts about the fight tonight. They all are people whom I had the great fortune to meet when I first started hanging around the sport in 1982 at Ceasar’s Palace. May Allah continue to bless all of them.

“When the tide goes out, that’s when you’ll find out who’s been swimming naked- Warren Buffet.

(Mohammed Mubarak with Gerry Cooney at Ceasars Palace 1982)

Jack Johnson 72″x 96″ oil and acrylic

Mohammed Mubarak can be reached at for your comments. He is an artist as well and you can go to and qmubarak06 on instagram and view his works.

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*A Texas mom is demanding answers from a high school after her 21-year-old autistic son came home wearing a Confederate flag cap.

Amelia Mornes-Njoka says her son, Austen, played with the Special Olympics flag football team at Lewisville High School. But when he came home earlier this month wearing a Confederate flag hat, she had to rethink her trust of the district, per

“You trust these people with your kid who has a disability,” Amelia, told CBS. “You know and as far as I knew, I knew them well enough for my son to be around them without my supervision.

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Mornes said the coach told him to put on the hat and show it to his mother. When he asked what the flag meant, coach reportedly replied: “I don’t have no clue. Freedom.”

“He told me, like, put it on, keep it on, show it to your mom and stuff,” Mornes told CBS-DFW. “I said, ‘What does the flag stand for?’ I said, ‘I don’t have no clue,’ and he says, ‘Freedom.’”

His mother wants to know why three white coaches thought it was appropriate to give this hat to her son and mislead him about its meaning.

“My worst feeling was they were sitting there watching him and probably snickering or laughing under their breath,” she told the station.

In a statement released by Lewisville ISD, the district said the coach was a volunteer and that Mornes “expressed interest” in the cap and took it home.

The Lewisville Independent School District reportedly acknowledged to CBS-DFW that the coach was wrong in giving the hat to the student.  

“The adult volunteer, who is not an LISD employee, was wearing a cap the former student expressed interest in,” LISD said in a statement. “The student took the cap home. The volunteer coach contacted the parents to discuss what happened, and believed the situation had been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.”

Mornes said going back to play on the team is “no good,” and his mother agrees.

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*OK, here it is straight, no chaser. Because of the way it ended, Ice Cube is not a happy man today. We’re talking about the way the Deontay Wilder/Tyson Fury boxing match concluded Saturday night in Los Angeles at Staples Center.

The heavyweight championship fight ended in a split decision draw which is why Cube is straight up pissed.

TMZ video guy caught up to the rapper/actor/businessman leaving L.A.’s Staples Center moments after the boxers fought to a 12 round tie, and he called the outcome “bulls**t” because he thinks Wilder was robbed. True enough, Wilder did knock down Fury twice — including in the 12th — but he got up both times.

As you can imagine, opinions are split. For instance, boxer Andre Berto who was at the fight, said he thought the result was fair, and he’s looking forward to a rematch.

Actor and provocateur, Michael Rappaport, on the other hand, said he expected more from Deontay.

Meanwhile, both Wilder and Fury are down for a rematch, however, it’s unclear where Anthony Joshua fits in all this.

That’s because a lot of folks thought that the story after Saturday’s bout between Wilder and Fury would be a unification bout with Anthony Joshua, but instead all the talk is about a rematch because Saturday night’s match ended in a split draw.

One judge had it 115-111 Wilder, which is an obscene card given that, if anything, Fury definitely won the most rounds. Wilder, though, put together a pair of knockdowns, including a huge one in the final round, and may have closed the gap enough by the end of it to make a draw or even a close Wilder win seem reasonable.

But the 114-110 Fury card and the 113-113 card that wound up being a draw were both much more in line with what actually happened in the ring on Saturday. Either way, it was still a great bout. Both fighters were asked about a rematch after the fact and both were open to it.

“I don’t know if it’ll be my next fight,” Wilder said, “I’d love for it, let’s get back into it. I think it was a great fight and we gotta do it again.”

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*Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt apologized on Sunday for roughing up a woman back in February that was caught on surveillance video and released on Friday.

According to TMZ, the woman that Hunt slammed down and kicked was initially ready to press charges against the ex-NFLer, but she’s since gone ghost.

via TMZ Sports:

As we first reported, the woman repeatedly told Cleveland PD officers who responded to the scene she wanted to press charges. In the bodycam video we posted, she asked to see the surveillance footage, and also asked the police to look at it.

She said she wanted Hunt prosecuted for the alleged assault and/or for stealing her phone’s SIM card. In the attack video, you clearly see someone walk off with her phone. She says it was eventually returned but, apparently, without the SIM card.

OTHER NEWS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED: Kareem Hunt CUT from KC Chiefs After Video’d Beating, Stomping Woman in Hotel – WATCH

Law enforcement sources say the woman never took her case to the city Prosecutor’s Office and hasn’t been cooperative with the prosecutor — which might be why no charges have been filed against Hunt.

Police reportedly considered the incident a misdemeanor assault, because the woman hadn’t suffered any serious injury. She would need to present evidence of serious injury for the incident to be upgraded to a felony, the report states.

She has 18 months to press charges.

As far as the release of the video… Hunt explained…

“That’s not me. That’s not the person I am,” he told ESPN. “It’s out there. It happened. I’m very embarrassed about it. I’m ashamed of myself.”

He also apologized to his family, the Kansas City Chiefs organization and the woman in the video.

Watch the clip above.

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*Saturday night saw the first heavyweight title pay-per-view match in America since 2002. Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fought to a split-decision draw in front of 17,6898 fans at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Fury survived two knockdowns – including one in Round 12 that reminded many fans of wrestling legend Undertaker’s intros. The judges scored the fight 115-111 for Wilder, the second had it at 114-112 for Fury. With the final scorecard a tie at 113-113.

Before the match got underway, EURweb’s Jill Munroe hit the red carpet for the pre-fight event. On hand were ‘Shameless star’ William H. Macy, “The Affair’s Dominic WestDesus and Mero, boxing legend Evander HollyfieldGood Morning America’s Michael Strahan and journalist Jemele Hill.

Desus Nice and the Kid Mero gave Jill the scoop on their new upcoming Showtime series. After five months off of the Vice airways, the duo shared that their new show hits the air February 21, 2019.

Kid Nice gave a preview of what to expect with the new show.

“You can expect more of the same plus expansion. You’re still going to get what you want with the added bells and whistles.”

“A lot of people are afraid that we sold out, that it is just going to be us behind the desk, but our goal is to have you crying laughing by the end of it. It’s us with a lot more cursing and di*k jokes” said Desus Nice


Jemele Hill talked about her recent move to the West Coast and the new projects she’s recently been working on.

“This part of my career is very different from what most of my career has been. Usually it was working for one entity, one company doing one thing. Now everything is a la carte. I love that I am able to create new content in different imaginative ways. L.A. is the place I needed to be to do that. Everybody is here. LeBron is like Noah’s ark, he brought everyone to the West Coast, two by two.”

Jemele is currently writing for The Atlantic, she is the featured narrator on Showtime’s LeBron James doc, “Shut up and dribble,” along with developing a scripted comedy with her best friend, Kelly Carter, that is being produced by Gabrielle Union.

All photos in this article by Jill Munroe. Check out more snaps from the red carpet:

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*A group of white supremacist YouTubers are using a new app to trick celebrities like former NFL quarterback Brett Favre and rapper Soulja Boy into making coded anti-Semitic videos.

Now, Favre and Soulja Boy are doing some serious backtracking after a report from BuzzFeed News revealed that they had been bamboozled.


The app, Cameo, seems pretty harmless on its face. It connects Average Joes with celebrities, and allows the former to pay the latter to make some kind of statement. Cameo calls them “personalized video shoutouts.”

According to BuzzFeed News, white supremacists used the app to get in touch with Brett Favre and Soulja Boy, and then paid them to made cryptic statements that were ostensibly supportive of U.S. troops but were filled with anti-Semitic dog whistles.


The group reportedly responsible calls itself the Goyim Defense League (GDL), and they used Cameo to get Favre to issue a statement containing their coded anti-Semitic message.

According to Cameo, a message from Favre costs $500.

“Brett Favre here with a shoutout to the Handsome Truth and the GDL boys,” Favre reportedly says in the video viewed by BuzzFeed News. “You guys are patriots in my eyes. So keep waking them up and don’t let the small get you down. Keep fighting, too, and don’t ever forget the U.S.S. Liberty and the men and women who died on that day. God bless and take care.”  

According to the report, the usage of “small” is allegedly a slur for yarmulkes, and the U.S.S. Liberty is a naval ship that was “accidentally” attacked in 1967 by Israeli forces.

Favre maybe didn’t realize exactly what he was saying, and he posted a statement to Facebook denouncing the hate group.

“I was distressed to learn that the request came from an anti-Semitic group that reposted my video with comments implying that I endorsed their mission,” read the statement in part. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I am therefore donating my $500 Cameo fee to Charities supporting their fight against hate and bigotry.”


Meanwhile, Soulja Boy recorded a similar video promoting GDL ideology.

“Shoutout to Handsome Truth and Sway at GDL,” the rapper says in a video viewed by Buzzfeed News, “GDL for life, bitch.”

A representative for Soulja Boy told the outlet that the rapper was unaware of the group’s affiliation.

“Soulja Boy was unaware that the video on Cameo was tied to a group that promotes hate.”

In any event, according to The Root, the video below may or may not be Soulja Boy describing his retaliation on the GDL when he had been tricked.

An app spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the videos were removed and that the user who paid for them was banned. The company hopes to prevent something like this from happening again by rolling out new filters.

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*There’s probably quite a few of you out there who were expecting something different at the end of the night this past Saturday night after seeing these two big tall heavyweights battle for twelve rounds. And I’ve heard from a lot of people who’ve had differing opinions on who they thought actually won this contest. But to be totally honest with you after having been in and around this sport for nearly thirty years, and having been ringside for fights like Holmes vs Witherspoon, Duran vs Benitez, Dokes vs Weaver, Holmes vs Cooney, Tyson vs Holifield, Jones vs Tarver, ( I could go on and on folks)  and Bowe vs Holyfield just to name a few. I really don’t believe that this fight lived up to those great fights.

But with all that said, with everyone sitting on the edge of their seats throughout the bout this writer was really expecting a lot more hard hitting action to occur than what took place. As this one got going in the early portion of this event both fighters were seen measuring each other out with Fury sticking out the jab and dancing out of the way of Wilder’s powerful right hands. I was really impressed with the way he used his foot work and feinting, he put on an excellent display of boxing. And in some ways it seemed as if Wilder was hesitant to get in close to really land some good shots and when he did it looked like he was trying too hard to knockout Fury who would quickly get out of the way to avoid getting hit. This went on for several rounds up to the beginning of the ninth when I had Fury way ahead on points until Wilder finally connected with that powerful right hand to Fury’s head and dropped him. He then got back up and into the fight for the next three rounds until nearly the end of the twelveth when Wilder dropped him again this time with a more powerful shot that seemed like he wasn’t going get backup from. But low and behold, he found enough resilience to get backup and into the fight until the bell rang for the end of the bout.

But even that wasn’t enough to declare Wilder the clear winner of the fight which was ultimately ruled a split decision draw. So now there’s talk of the two of them coming back together for a rematch that’s if and when they can sit down and work out all the logistics to make that happen.

Nevertheless, it was a great promotional build up for this fight that this writer compares to Mayweather vs Mc Gregor another huge event that had an black American going against someone from the North Atlantic region of the world. And if there’s still people out there that seem to think that boxing is dead, then let me tell you all something it really isn’t and thank God all mighty Adonis Stevenson isn’t either after that grueling match in Quebec, Canada Saturday night in which we nearly lost him after getting knocked out in the eleventh against Oleksandr “The Nail”Govzdyk and losing his WBC light heavyweight title.

As of this posting Stevenson is now in a drug induced coma and his condition has improved from critical to stable. It is being reported that he has swelling of his brain so I’d like to encourage all of you boxing fans to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Unfortunately sometimes this is the price that’s paid in this sport because it is such a brutal one and has always been since the days thousands of years ago in the Roman Colosium when men would wrap their hands with leather spikes and go toe to toe until someone would die. No matter what you may think of him, lets pray that Adonis continues to live.

“When the tide goes out, that’s when you’ll find out who’s been swimming naked”-Warren Buffett

Mohammed Mubarak can be reached at for your comments. He’s an artist as well and you can go to and qmubarak06 on instagram and view his works.

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*Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade opened up about their unique journey to becoming parents in an interviewwith Oprah Winfrey, airing Dec. 8 on OWN.

“You’re finally a mother at 46,” Oprah says in an all-new special, Oprah at Home with Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade & Their New Baby.


Union smiles while answering, “Yeah.”

The power couple, who wed in August 2014, was met with backlash from people who questioned why the actress made her baby announcement by way of photos showing Union resting in a hospital bed with her husband. Their daughter Kaavia James was born via surrogate.

“Everyone started talking about why she acting like she just had a baby,” Wade shares.

“You want to explain that?” Oprah asked Union.

“I’m already getting choked up. It’s still hard to let go,” Union added. She previously opened up about her struggles with infertility in her 2017 memoir “We’re Going to Need More Wine”. Gabby revealed she “had eight or nine miscarriages.”

“For three years, my body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant — I’ve either been about to go into an IVF cycle, in the middle of an IVF cycle or coming out of an IVF cycle,” wrote Union, who was diagnosed with Adenomyosis, a type of endometriosis that only occurs in the uterus.

“I never wanted kids. Then I became a stepmom, and there was no place I’d rather be than with them,” she told PEOPLE in September 2017.

Wade is dad to sons Xavier Zechariah, 5, Zion Malachi Airamis, 11, and Zaire Blessing Dwyane, 16. He also raises nephew Dahveon Morris, 17.

“So then I thought, ‘Well maybe I might be good at this, and maybe this is something I want to explore,’” she continued. “And I’m madly in love with this dude, so [having a baby] is something we could look into.”

Union and Wade’s Oprah interview will air on Winfrey’s “SuperSoul Sunday” and will stream on her Facebook page at 11 a.m. ET/PT. In addition, the interview will be available on Oprah’s “SuperSoul Conversations” podcast beginning Dec. 10 with part two available on Dec. 12.

“Oprah at Home with Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade & Their New Baby” will air on Dec. 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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*Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade shared the first official photo of their first child together with Oprah and now the married couple have revealed that they will be appearing in an OWN special titled “Oprah at Home with Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade & Their New Baby.”

Union and Wade welcomed Kaavia James Union Wade via surrogate in early November. They sat down with the queen of media to talk about what life with a newborn baby has been like.

“From the Bottle to the Bassinet… No New Friends. Crew. Tight.  So excited to share what we have been working on with @oprah & @kaaviajames ,” Union captioned under a picture of her, her hubby and Oprah.

“We wanna thank @oprah for coming into our home to discuss our new bundle of joy!,” Wade wrote.

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Union wrote about her fertility struggles in her 2017 memoir, “We’re Going to Need More Wine”:

“For three years, my body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant. I’ve either been about to go into an IVF cycle, in the middle of an IVF cycle, or coming out of an IVF cycle.

Gabby gushed about her baby girl on IG and noted that “She has 102 nicknames including but not limited to Kaav, Kaavi, Kaavi Baby, Kaavi J, Jamie, KJ, Nugget, Nug, Pooters.”

She added: “We wanted to include my family in her name so the “James” is from my uncle James Francis Glass who is also my godfather. Union is her middle name. I’ve waited this long so fo sho I was gonna get in there”

Kaavia means “work of art” in the Sanskrit language.

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*Magic Johnson’s daughter Elisa Johnson narrowly escaped from two armed men during a home invasion in San Fernando Valley over the weekend.

The 23-year-old was hanging out at an Airbnb, rented by her friends Sunday morning when two robbers entered the home and began terrorizing the 10 guests, holding them at gunpoint, according to TMZ.

Elisa was in one of the bedroom’s during the robbery when she overheard the disturbance and escaped out a sliding glass door and ran down the street to safety.

The intruders reportedly stole $30-$40,000 worth of jewelry, electronics and cash then fled the scene before police arrived. No one was injured. The investigation.

Now, Johnson, 23, is speaking out for the first time after the terrifying home invasion. She hopped on Instagram Stories to thank everyone who reached out with concern.. see her post above. 


In related news, Laila Ali – daughter of Muhammad Ali – is speaking out after accidentally hitting an elderly man with her car.

In the statement shared to Instagramshe wrote, “As was reported, I was involved in a minor parking lot accident yesterday. I am okay, and am praying that the elderly gentlemen who was walking behind my car as I was backing up is okay.”

Ali was backing up in a parking lot of a shopping center when she accidentally hit the man. He was reportedly treated by paramedics on the scene and then transported by ambulance to a hospital. According to TMZ, the man was in stable condition.

Laila’s daughter Sydney was also in the car at the time of the incident, but is “okay.”

The retired boxer was not arrested or cited but that could change as the incident is still being investigated by police.

Ali concluded her message: “I am thankful for the medical responders and La county sheriff’s department, both of whom arrived promptly and tended to the situation with urgency and calm. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me concerned.”

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*Former NFL star Ray Lewis has reached a settlement in the $1.7 million dollar lawsuit he filed against his longtime friend & former lawyer, Marc Rosen, exclusively reports. Lewis alleges Rosen screwed him out of millions by having him invest in risky ventures.

Lewis explained in his lawsuit that he worked with Rosen for several years on various matters. In 2008, his lawyer convinced him that it would be a lucrative business move to lend his name and likeness to an entertainment complex he was working on called MVP Entertainment. Rosen explained that none of Ray’s own money would be used to invest, but in 2010, Lewis unknowingly signed a series of loan documents, one for 1.5 million and another for 2.5 million.

The ex-NFL star said he learned about the loans in 2011, when Rosen approached him for an additional 200k to fund his business venture. Lewis agreed to obtain another bank loan for 200k for a grand total of 1.7 million that his lawyer promised to pay him back.


When the business venture failed to launch, Ray was on the hook for the 1.7 million dollar loan. He filed suit against his ex-lawyer for malpractice, breach of contract and Fraud. He demanded Rosen pay him back the 1.7 million + damages for his actions.

Rosen fired back at the lawsuit, claiming that he was never Ray’s full-time lawyer, rather his “business partner”.

On April 27th, docs were filed in the case explaining that Lewis and Rosen had reached a settlement in the 1.7 million dollar legal battle. Per the deal, all claims against the other will be dismissed and the case will be closed. The terms of the settlement will remain confidential.

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*Matt Barnes is probably on Amazon right now looking for something special for his lawyer for Christmas … all because he’s got some extra cash to do so now that his child support payments to Gloria Govan have been lowered, substantially.

Barnes went to court to have his payments reduced and according to legal docs obtained by The Blast, the former NBA star was granted his request of reduced payments to the “Basketball Wives” star.

Would you believe Barnes was shelling over $20k to Govan every month to cover expenses for their two son. However, now that Barnes no longer has all that NBA money coming in, he asked that his payments be lowered to a more reasonable amount.

The number he had in mind was $7,500, which works out to $3,750 per child, and the judge agreed.

At first glance that seems to be bad news for Govan, and it is, but it’s not completely bad for her. That’s because the reduction is only temporary while the two continue hashing out their many issues.

Wait a minute! Thjere’s more good news for Matt Barnes. Dude is also celebrating the birth of his newest son, Ashton Joseph Barnes, with model Anansa Sims (see baby’s Instagram pic below).



In related news, Gloria Govan’s future husband, Derek Fisher,  was named Friday as the new head-coach of the LA Sparks, the team he watched play at Staples Center while helping the Lakers win five NBA championships as their point guard. It’s Fisher’s second stint as a head coach in the pro ranks. He was fired from the New York Knicks in 2016.

And just in case you’re thinking this is a step down or not a good move for Fisher, he counters with an au contraire, mi amigo.

“This opportunity is not a step down, sideways, backwards, somehow different than the men’s game,” Fisher told a room full of media at a downtown hotel, insisting the WNBA isn’t a steppingstone. “There isn’t a future outside of what we’re here to talk about today.”

Read/learn MORE about Derek Fisher’s latest move at ESPN.

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*Saturday night Kyler Murray celebrated the biggest night of his college football career when he won the Heisman trophy. By Midnight, offensive Tweets he sent as a teenager had emerged and his career milestone took a backseat to mainstream media’s coverage of his 2012 Tweets.

Murray tweets, which were reportedly sent when he was around 14 or 15 years old, featured a homophobic slurthat was directed at a friend. They were allegedly deleted at some point early Sunday morning, and the athlete issued an apology.

Peep his response below.

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In related news, former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt has entered counseling for alcohol and anger management.

According to NFL Media, Hunt is being investigated by the NFL for three separate violent incidents that occurred in the past year. He was released by Kansas City last month after a video emerged of him physically assaulting a white woman at a hotel in Cleveland back in February.

It was later revealed that he also allegedly punched a man while visiting an Ohio resort in June and attacked a man at a nightclub in January.

What happened in that hotel between the former NFLer and Abby Ottinger — a 19-year-old Kent State student — early on the morning of Feb. 10 was unknown by the public until Nov. 30, when TMZ published a portion of the video showing Abby being knocked down in a hallway and kicked by Hunt.

“I’m asking for forgiveness and I definitely believe I deserve forgiveness,” Hunt told ESPN following the release of the hotel clip. “Everything is really happening fast right now and I just want everybody to forgive me. I know it’s going to be hard. I made a bad choice and I’m not going to let this bring me down.”

An ESPN report confirms that Ottinger called Hunt a n*gger and struck him during the altercation.

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*Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles is opening up for the first time publicly about how she’s coping with having to relive the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

“I’m on anxiety medicine now because I had a lot of ups and downs throughout the year and trying to figure out what was wrong,” Biles said Tuesday on “Good Morning America.” “I go to therapy pretty regularly.”

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“It’s not easy but the people surrounding me are some of the best so it makes it a little easier,” she added.

In January, Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing over 150 gymnasts — including Biles, 21.  In January, she wrote about Nassar in a letter on Twitter.

“I too am one of the many survivors that was sexually abused by Larry Nassar,” said the athlete. “Please believe me when I say it was a lot harder to first speak those words out loud than it is now to put them on paper. There are many reasons that I have been reluctant to share my story, but I know now it is not my fault.”

Continued Biles, “For too long I’ve asked myself, ‘Was I too naive? Was it my fault?’ I now know the answers to those questions. No. No, it was not my fault. No, I will not and should not carry the guilt that belongs to Larry Nassar, USAG, and others.”

The four-time Olympic gold medalist made history recently when she became the first female gymnast to win four World Championships. She also graces the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s blockbuster year-end issue.

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*Put simply, you could theoretically place NBA players into two camps: loose cannon or solid as a rock. Teams certainly need both, but it’s the latter that we’re more interested in today. There are, of course, loose cannons a-plenty in the National Basketball Association.

We’re talking the likes of Draymond Green (will yell at you in locker rooms), Chris Paul (bark is worse than his bite, but still kind of annoying), Kevin Durant (will take personal offence to every Instagram comment about him selling out) and not forgetting Kawhi Leonard (will simply disappear from your team for a couple of months).

All that said, we’re keen to focus on the everyday heroes and the teammates who just seem like the kind of people who won’t renege on a promise, will turn up to your birthday party on time, and will pay you back that 10 bucks they owe without you even having to ask for it.

LeBron James

He’s The King, after all, so what kind of person can’t trust their ruler? For one, the man brought a championship to Cleveland in 2016 just like he said he would, and somehow didn’t blow a gasket after J.R. Smith’s boneheaded blunder in the Game 1 of the 2018 Finals. Sure, he bolted from the Cavs for the sunny shores of L.A., but who could blame him for not wanting to play with that band of misfits? Plus, the guy will appear in Space Jam 2, built a school in his hometown of Akron for underprivileged kids and even stuck up for Steph Curry’s decision not to visit President Trump at the White House (a yearly tradition with other presidents) after the Warriors won the championship in 2017.

Klay Thompson

Not just rock solid from the 3-point line, Klay is a guy you can set your watch to. While other Warriors players are somewhat polarizing (Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry), Klay is universally loved and someone who just oozes chill. Thompson has no drama or diva tendencies, he’s just a guy who shoots well, plays hard, and then returns home to his beloved dog, Rocco. Furthermore, Klay was just announced as a brand ambassador for Swiss luxury watch company, Tissot, and we can’t imagine a better fit for them (he joins ex-Spurs legend Tony Parker and Hawks rookie Trae Young). If we’re talking about comparing Klay to a list of Swiss watches then he’s not as fancy as a Rolex or complex as a Patek Philippe, but simply a Tissot which looks good and gets the job done when he’s called upon.

Steven Adams

Other than the fact that he’s built like a house of bricks, Adams is just that guy you absolutely want on your side in any fight. Resemblances to Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo notwithstanding, Adams is a tough guy, a fierce competitor and a great ball player, but is well-known around the league for being an all-round good dude and a positive ball of energy. The fact that he hails from an awesome country like New Zealand only seals the deal as a trustworthy guy, but we’re still not sure why he already released an autobiography (My Life, My Fight) this year after only 5 seasons in the NBA…

Ricky Rubio

Any type of “pass first/shoot second” player will always feature high on any list of trustworthy players, which is just as well, because Rubio is definitely not known for his shooting skills. Still, Ricky is unbelievably nice, never picks a fight, and has one of the best man-bun and beard combos that the NBA has ever seen. Find us someone who could possibly dislike Rubio and we’ll send Steven Adams to sort things out.

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