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[Tampa, Fl, May 13th 2023] — GDE Management proudly announces the signing of Es'synce Star, an exceptionally gifted singer and actress, to their prestigious talent roster. Under the visionary leadership of King Shorty Roc, GDE Management continues to revolutionize the entertainment industry by discovering and nurturing exceptional talents, and the addition of Es'synce Star epitomizes this commitment.

Es'synce Star is a multi-faceted artist, possessing an enchanting voice, unparalleled artistry, and a captivating on-screen presence. In addition to her undeniable musical abilities, she has also graced the silver screen in various independent films, leaving audiences in awe of her incredible acting talent. Her ability to seamlessly embody diverse characters with depth and authenticity has garnered critical acclaim and solidified her position as a versatile and formidable talent.

GDE Management is renowned for providing unwavering support, guidance, and unparalleled opportunities to their artists. With King Shorty Roc's visionary approach and an extensive network of industry professionals, GDE Management creates an environment that fosters artistic growth, encourages collaborations, and strategically positions their artists for success in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

Es'synce Star's inclusion in the esteemed GDE Management roster not only reinforces the company's commitment to representing boundary-pushing artists but also highlights their dedication to recognizing and nurturing talent across various artistic disciplines. The team at GDE Management is excited to embark on this incredible journey with Es'synce Star, fully confident that her extraordinary voice, exceptional acting prowess, and magnetic presence will captivate audiences worldwide.

As Es'synce Star's official management team, GDE Management is devoted to ensuring her artistic vision is fully realized, her talent is amplified, and her career reaches new heights. The company will work closely with Es'synce Star on forthcoming projects, encompassing both music and film, collaborations, live performances, and strategic career moves, as they propel her presence in the global entertainment industry.

Join GDE Management in extending a warm welcome to Es'synce Star as the newest artist on their roster. Stay tuned for exciting updates, upcoming music releases, thrilling film projects, and captivating performances from this rising star. The future shines brightly for Es'synce Star, and GDE Management takes immense pride in being a part of her extraordinary journey.

For media inquiries, interview requests, or any additional information, please contact our press office at .

About GDE Management:
GDE Management is a leading talent management company founded by King Shorty Roc. Recognized for their visionary approach and unwavering commitment to artist development, GDE Management represents a diverse roster of exceptional talents in the entertainment industry. Through strategic guidance, unparalleled opportunities, and fostering collaborations, GDE Management has established itself as a trailblazer, shaping the careers of artists and redefining industry standards.


Media Contact:
Shorty Roc

Senior Manager
GDE Management


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